Mérita Legal

Mérita Legal

Her professional experience as a lawyer and founding partner of the Mérita Legal firm of lawyers started in December 1999, with an internship in Gustavo Naranjo Viera’s law firm in Playa del Inglés.

She continued working there and developed as a multi-disciplinary professional until 2007, when she founded her own company. She moved her offices to Telde, where she worked in the field of Civil Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and International Law, the latter in collaboration with Sebastián Alzola Tristán and his law firm in Sweden, "Juristfirman Alzola".

This is how she started her career in International Law and her relations with Sweden. As a result of this close co-operation, in 2012, she set up a Spanish company as a minority shareholder, Cubas Alzola Real Estate SL, to open a franchise of Swedish estate agents, Fastighetsbyrån, in Spain, where her role would be to focus on providing the company with legal advice and after-sale management. The daily work not only includes after-sales services, it also involves representing buyers to pay their taxes and manage all their relations with Spain. She acts as their contact and reference here in Spain.

She provides them with legal advice and files legal actions, when necessary, hence offering an integral range of services. Given the expansion achieved, the offices were moved to the borough of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in 2016, the nerve centre of all legal-financial operations in the south of Gran Canaria. She has also legally cut all ties with Cubas Alzola Real Estate SL, in order to provide customers with a more impartial after-sales service.

The “Mérita Legal” name and domain were created in 2017, as the denomination of the company in the industry, with a significant Scandinavian emphasis.

As a result of relations with Sweden and its businesses, Dunia Cubas has recently been appointed Honorary Swedish Consul in the Province of Las Palmas, where she has held the post since the 1st of November 2017.