Advisory services for property sales and purchases

Integral legal advisory services, including a preliminary feasibility study of the purchase, cession or any other form of acquisition, drafting and supervision of private contracts, preparation of notarial deeds, legal representation during purchase/sale, acting on behalf of non-residents in tax matters, tax management.


Inheritance services

Integral legal advice on European succession law, in collaboration with other firms in Sweden and Germany. From legal advice on drawing up your will, right through to the acceptance of the inheritance by the heir.


Advisory services and management in establishing companies. We have partners working with us to provide clear and efficient accounting for your company in your own language.

Advisory services in holiday lets: tourist management

We can advise you on the current legal situation and we can manage your entry into tourist management of properties, including studies and drafting contracts. We manage payment of taxes on the income arising from granting your property to third parties.

Advisory tax management services for non-residents: yearly taxes

Representation of non-residents in tax matters. We manage the payment of taxes for non-residents for you; we can file them and manage their payment.

Real estate law and common property

Legal advice on property rentals, both housing units and commercial premises, drafting and negotiating these contracts and filing legal actions. Legal advice on your rights and obligations as a member of a Householders’ Community Association, representation at General Meetings and filing legal procedures in matters of common property.

Mediation in bringing houses in-line with planning regulations: alterations, construction, etc.

We have a network of contacts to advise you on hiring professionals from the industry.

Banking arrangements: opening accounts, direct debits, etc.

We can arrange to open, manage, make payments and manage standing orders on bank accounts, and we can even close accounts for you.

Financial advice

We can advise you on financing the purchase of your properties with the best banking products.

Utilities and invoice management

We can help you register with utilities companies and arrange direct debit to pay your water, electricity, ADSL, bills, household insurance policy and change of ownership and arrange direct debit of the municipal rates.